McKenzie Hall headshot

McKenzie Hall, RBT


Meet McKenzie, a seasoned RBT (Registered Behavior Therapist) with three years of experience and a passion for making a positive impact. While she’s adept at navigating the intricacies of behavior therapy, she also knows how to add a splash of fun to every session.

Off the clock, you’ll often find her fueling her adventures with an extra caramel Frappuccino or browsing the aisles of Target for the latest finds (and maybe a few things she didn’t know she needed). But McKenzie’s greatest loves are her two furry companions, whom she adores cuddling with after a long day. As a new mom, she’s discovered a whole new world of love and excitement, embracing the challenges and joys of parenthood with grace and enthusiasm, bringing a new dimension of love and understanding to her work.

With her blend of professionalism and playful spirit, McKenzie is committed to creating meaningful change, both in the lives of her clients and within her own family circle.